Drivers Are Morons

So I'm walking across the street to get my paper at 7-11 and I  have the right of way. This guy is sitting at a stop light in his car he can't go until the  light turns okay . so I'm walking  and out of nowhere the dickhead yells hey grandpa get moving I want to get across to the other side today . I said what's the hurry you are at a light that's read anyway. he yells  just get moving! gives me the finger. I said there's no reason for that moron! and undid my belt faces my ass his way and gave him one hell of a mooner, and continued my  crossing the street to the other side. Looked back got 4 new fingers from other cars, so I flashed mine.  morons have no goddamn patients.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear Mr.Toast - crossing the street can certainly turn into a life or death situation. Seems to me you handled it in the appropriate fashion given the set of circumstances and the people you where dealing with! Thanks for sharing your plight for giving me a good laugh!

Candie Apple said...

Man..., I hate that! XD I about peed myself reading this!