Why Do Old Married Broads ?

Get all flustered when young guys call them one of those pain in the ass corny lovey dovey names like honey or sweetie . Pizza delivery guy , some young dufus  hands over the pizza and says there you are honey and she practically almost drops the pizza. Going ooh oohh how nice to hear ! for frick sakes he could be her f'n son! I said Val got some ants in your pants and she stops and shoves me the box and says Harry go eat your dinner and gives me a rot in hell look. I said you've been there show me the way !  

So then after the pizza I wondered if she would get flustered if I said the looney word the kid said. So she hands me a plate and I said thanks honey . NOTHING !   I said how come when the kid called you honey you practically had an orgasm (didn't know she still got em , thought she was broke n wore out n shriveled up) and I call you honey I get nothing.  she said want to go to the home  now or wait till after I croak ? I have brochures . 

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