Stepped In Dog Shit

what the hell is wrong with the people who own dogs let them shit and leave it for someone to come along to step in it. Hey ever notice whoever steps in it looks like they are going to go insane from being pissed off ? I find it funny. Till  I stepped in some, the wife says did you know you steppin in doggy do ?  like christ sakes lady ! what the hell am i taking my shoe off calling the owner a fuckin  asswipe for? friggin ol bat. love the gal but good grief !  


Sidewalk Universe said...

I hate it when dog owners allow their furry kids to do it on my lawn! Not only do I get to walk in it but I have the privilege of picking it up too!

Sure enough I was doing an outreach program the other day and this fellow stops at my station and as he is enjoying lunar landforms his dog precedes to pee on the telescope base! He acted if nothing happened - completely natural I guess!

lark said...

When I was a little girl we had some neighbors that let their dog run wild and it would crap in our yard. Well, one day my dad had had enough, he went all around our yard with a snow shovel and picked it all up and then went to the end of their drive way and threw it up the middle. That evening the parents went to an adult cocktail party and the crap neighbors were there and the wife said to my mom and other ladies, "I think one of my neighbors is trying to tell me something, they threw dog crap up the middle of our drive way". She never got the clue that it was her flippin dog.
I got tears to my eyes laughing so hard and remembering this..